Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Came To Bring the Pain

Well... I DON'T Suck, even though I have not gotten any running in since Sunday. The good news is that being lazy is not the excuse (THIS TIME) for not running. The bad news is that being injured is the excuse for not running. I don't know what is actually wrong with me, if you could even consider it an injury. I've had a dull pain in lower abdominal muscles that has been growing into a more intense, sharper pain.

So basically, it went from annoying to "O Crep... better get this checked out". The pain started on Saturday, then went away, then came back on Sunday, then went away on Monday, and has remained constant and worsening since Tuesday. It hurts with every breath I take, every move I make, every wind I break, every step I take.

I wonder if I caused it from training so "intensely" after all that time off? I hope it's not a hernia. I am tempted to REALLY dive into this as Dr. Ed and WebMD, wikipedia, and google the snot out of my symptons. However, I know what that will lead to... I will diagnose myself with every type of disease and cancer that ever existed with relation to the stomach and write myself off as a hopeless case, dead man.

The part of this that really P's me O is that I had pretty much one last shot to get my act together for this 10K. Now I have an out of shape body, less than two weeks to train, this abdominal nuisance, only one working light bulb for my entire apartment (sniff, sniff), my car's out of gas, it's raining out again...

... Two hours have passed since I had written the last line you just read. Two hours of tears... two hours of crying passionately... letting my tears join the rain drops outside... two hours... two hours... Well, I'm just joshin ya... I didn't cry. Despite what you may have heard about me still sucking my thumb at night,

I am not a baby. I am a man, and men don't cry (unless it impresses some sensative chick; in which case, I cry ALL the friggin time - that's how I got Claire).
Just kidding, but seriously I am hurting pretty bad. I won't fall into a depression or anything. I usually decide to put on the happy, happy, joy, joy hat everyday;

but it doesn't look good for the 10K. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for next Thursday (I'm glad they could squeeze me in ASAP). I've decided (and the lazy part of me agrees) that it is a good idea to not go running until either this pain goes away or the doctor clears me. We shall see. I will keep you guys posted on the status of the situation. Thanks!

ps... Those pics I promised you in post about the 5K... not gonna happen. I'm sorry. I dragged my feet a little too long. I was able to salvage this guy...

That's me about to gulp down the water Papa LazyRunner threw to me after I crossed the finish line... Moment captured on film by Mama LazyRunner. Good Times... Cheers, mate!


  1. okay - I love this post.

    First, glad you are going into the DR. Self diagnosis - not usually the best route. ;)

    The photos - awesome.

    Is that a cheers [raise a glass], "here here" photo with the water bottle?!

    JOY JOY!

  2. How'd the appointment go? Did you get all cleared? It's time to get back out there buddy!!

  3. I've been replying to these comments directly, like a friggin idiot... I decided to check that you all were receiving them... nope! Haha! I guess I'm still "new" to this. Here we go:
    EMZ - You bet that I am raising my glass to that fantastic run. Awesome times! Get a beverage for yourself and go bottoms up with me. Haha!
    Looking Up - The appointment is actually next Thursday. So still no word. However, the pain got bad enough last night to go to the ER. Someone suggested that I take a long hot bath. I did, and woke up with no pain... maybe it WAS a muscle pain. Hope it stays away for the whole day.