Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Go Time!

Okay, this is it. The moment we've ALL been waiting for... well, maybe not all of us; but definitely me. My first quarter-marathon is tomorrow morning. Get this... it's my first 10K on 10/10/10, and my goal is to finish the race at 10AM. Whoooaaaaa... Double Rainbow all the way. Isn't that pretty cool/ weird? Btw... if you don't get the double rainbow reference, type it into youtube and experience the adventure/ nation-wide craze of Beartop!

I am a little nervous. Last week, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to run that distance, but I did a 5-mile run this week with a 1-mile warm up/ cool down. I ran the 5 miles in 45 minutes. It was really awesome because it was the first time that I experienced something that I hear a lot of runners talk about... that HIGH. I'm in the club now, dude!

I got high running... so high that could have run more. It was an incredible feeling! My heart, lungs, and legs were just going on cruise control. My last 2 miles were actually faster than my first 3. I stopped because I didn't want to burn out and hurt myself. It was a very cool thing to experience though. I can't wait to have more like that.

So, I know that I can run the distance. Now, I guess I just have the pre-race jitters. I have all my stuff ready... got all my shiz for the race (an awesome running shirt, a timer chip, my number, and a few other goodies). They really hooked me up at the pre-registration pick-up.

I am about to go to sleep, now... get some quality sleep. The race starts at 9AM. Hopefully, I will be giving you a full report when I am finished. PLEASE wish me luck!

PS. It's pretty clear that I offended some people with my last post. You know... the whole Backstreet Boys thing. Well, I offer this next pic as a peace offering to all those anti-BSB people that I pissed off out there... Hope this patches things up between us.

We cool?

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