Friday, May 28, 2010


This is not only going to be an introduction of me to you, but it is also going to be an introduction of the blogging world to me. I have never had or used a blog page before. So, please be patient with me if (when) I screw up something as I get started. Thank you.

My name is Ed. I am a 25 year old male from lower Westchester County, NY. I am a college graduate. I have a great job, which I am happy and grateful to go to everyday. I live on my own in a lovely coop, but I am not too far from the home that I grew up in... It's about five minutes away. My parents and my younger brother still live in that house. I also have an older sister, who is living with her husband and baby boy in Connecticut. I have a wonderful relationship with my family. We are all really close... We help, support, care for, and love one another, like a true family. I have an extremely beautiful girlfriend, with whom I am very in love. She puts a smile on my face everyday (although some days include a frown, as well =).

Overall, I am a down-to-earth guy with his head on his shoulders who is looking to get into running. I have multiple reasons for wanting to do this... It's a great way to get and stay in shape; it BECOMES a fun habit (so I hear); I do feel good after going for a run; it brings my energy levels way up; it's motivation for me to keep off those cigarettes (I quit a little over five months ago); and it's good for the mind - helps people feel confident, accomplished, eager to do more, stable, free, and much more.

While all the reasons stated above are my reasons for running... my ULTIMATE goal is to be a marathon runner. My problem is that I stink at running. Well, maybe I don't stink, for a beginner; but I certainly lose that motivation to keep up with my training and healthier eating and such. This blog is called "A Lazy Runner's Blog" not because I am a lazy person; but because when it comes to running, exercising, and/or most other strenuous activities, I say to myself that I'd rather spend my time resting, seeing and eating out with friends and family, and/or just plopping myself in front of the television for a while. I lack discipline with my training and dieting. It's so easy to come home after a LONG day of work and grab a bag of chips... and sit down on the couch... and turn on the television... it's about this time when I realize that something's wrong with this picture... then a light bulb goes off and I say to myself, "WAIT!!! I NEED TO..." and I JUMP UP only to grab a soda from the fridge to wash down those potato chips... then sit back down on the couch... Do you know how hard it is to get up from that kind of scenario?! (cue the violins)... It's like falling into quicksand; and rather than fighting to stay up, you just sink down and accept that you are done, my friend... DONE!

I usually go for a run between 1-3 times a week. Three times isn't bad, but one time is terrible. I signed up to run my first race a couple of weeks ago. It is a 10K, which will be held on October 10th, along the Bronx River Parkway. I started "training" for this guy a little over a month ago. At that time, I could not run a complete mile. Now, I am up to 2.5 miles, at a decent pace. I know I can become stronger and get to where I need to be for the race. My problem, again, is lack of motivation and tendency to give into counterproductive temptations. These are the traps I fall into time... and time again.

I have been doing some research on runners and finding tips for people who are beginners at running. One of the suggestions was to start a blog. I said to myself, "I will definitely not start a blog. That is for losers and people who crave attention." Not too judgemental of me, is it? No offense to anyone who is a blogger... to each his own, but I just never imagined myself having a blog. I don't even have facebook anymore. I finally gave in because I want to do whatever I can to help myself achieve that ultimate goal, along with all those mini-goals. If I am responsible to this blog for keeping tabs on my progress, I may just be motivated to not let any followers I get down (or at least feed my ego a bit by making myself look good).

My stuff on this blog may not be entertaining, but it will be honest. I will do my best to get a chuckle out of the reader, assuming there is one, from time to time. I will also do my best to update this thing frequently. Thanks for reading this and helping me out. I appreciate it, and I hope that you come back to visit.

Today is Friday. My training goals for the next few days are:
  • Friday = Upper-body workout
  • Saturday = 1 mile at a 8:00 pace
  • Sunday = 2 miles at a 9:00 pace

I will let you know how it goes... Wish me luck!

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  1. 1.) I found you through Melissa's blog.

    2.) I have a treadmill buddy who alternates 3 and 5 mile runs because as he says he's a "recovering smoker"...running seems to keep him from smoking.

    3.) Very cool goal of completing a marathon. I hope you'll find that running doesn't always have to be taken seriously.

    4.) When I started my blog I didn't tell a sole. I really only started it to document what went into training for a eventually show friends and family. Now I'd say the majority of the people who read my blog I've never met in person. Crazy.

    5.) You should see how far you can run at a 10:00 pace for kicks. You might be surprised!