Monday, June 21, 2010

Zero Progress

I am terribly sorry that I have not blogged lately. The truth is that I have no updates for you as far as my training goes because I've been sucking a big fat one when it comes to moving myself forward to excercie. I wanted to write and put up my next post after I had gotten my act together so that I could sound impressive and like it's all good in the hood. Well, it aint! I guess one thing about moving forward is that you have to be honest with everything... the good, the bad, and the ugly. So... I am ratting myself out for being a lazy little bitch. I have been busy with work and life stuff, but I have not put ANY effort into my training. Therefore, busy can not be the only excuse. I need to get my butt moving because my first 5K is in less than two weeks.

On a more chipper note... the shoes that I have been running on have bitten it. I've had the same sneakers for over two years. I understand, thanks to other people's blogs, that shoes have a certain amount of miles they can take; and if they pass this limited amount of miles, it could cause injury. Having this information mixed with the desire for some funky fresh new running shiz, I decided to get some new kicks. I got the Nike Free Run Plus... sexy as hell. Mine were blue on grey. Along with my stylish new running shoes, I decided to buy some clothes, specifically for running. I want to start looking the role of a runner. I got the ipod arm support thingy majig last month, but I still look like a herb running with straight up basketball gear on. Now I'm legit... except my shorts, which ARE for sports training, but they're not those short shorts that I know runners usually wear... couldn't make that leap quite yet... not sure how comfortable I am with the strong probability of my twig and berries popping how to say "Hello! Boy is it bright out here!" Hahaha! Maybe somewhere down the line I'll be more comfortable or less caring about that incident taking place. We shall see.

Now that I have all this cool new stuff, I need to do it up. I plan on running tonight. I will post tomorrow and let you know how I did. Wish me luck... I NEED it!



  1. Love your humor. You made me laugh a number of times. Do you have a running schedule? Like I run on Mon, Wed, Sat? If you put that into your schedule, there is less of a chance you'll blow it off. I use to track my mileage and I love seeing what I've done for the week. I can also set up goals in the site and it tracks progress.

  2. Sign up for a long race. You'll find yourself getting serious about training quickly because it's SCARY. I know you have a 10k in the fall....if you're serious about wanting to eventually run a full...

    find a half marathon you want to do that's less than a year away. Late fall would be ideal. You'll run your best 10k if you've ran farther than 6.2 miles when you show up at the starting line anyway.

    This is what a beginner plan for a half marathon looks like:

    It's managable. But challenging enough that I'm forced to stick to a training plan. Hope that helps!